IOS and Android cell phone App. for HD View model STC-ZAO-L

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IOS and Android cell phone App. for HD View model STC-ZAO-L
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With the goal of supporting our communities during this national emergency, Soliton Systems is offering our H. 265 live video streaming cell phone app. Zao. IOS / Android and viewing software HD View Single Free of charge for 30 days. Offer must go through Midwest Digital Corp. This offer is for Broadcasters, Public Safety, Law enforcement and Professional businesses. Expires on  5/31 2020. Contact [email protected] to start your 30 day trial. 

To request the form for our Community Outreach Program contact [email protected] 

Professional H.265 Live Video Streaming for Mobile Devices

Professional H.265 Live Video Streaming for Mobile Devices

As mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, become more commonly used in daily business operations, a need for professional quality live video streaming using mobile devices is on the rise. Soliton's Zao App for mobile accommodates this need by providing impeccable video quality HEVC and includes the standard features found on the Zao, Zao-S, and Zao-SH.

Transmit Live video using 3,4,5G , LTE or Wi -Fi

Live stream at Full HD at 2 MBPS with H.265 encoding.

Live streaming point to point with minimum delay.

Communicate via two way audio. 

Transmit securely with AES 256 bit encryption and authenification

Error correction and streaming controls with RASCOW technology.

Choose between RTMP, RTSP and NDI options from receiver software plus SDI. 

Key Features of Zao App

The app can be controlled on the front panel, or it can be controlled remotely via a browser-based web management application. 
It has different options for camera, lowering screen brightness, light for dark conditions and screen locking capability.
The destination address can also be changed if required.

For Broadcast, the Zao Android App can be easily used for a variety of TV production applications such as Newsgathering, Sports Production, Religious events, Live Music to live stream back to the master control or studio.

For Public Safety, Apps. can be used for law enforcement, emergency first responders, including ambulance and firemen, civil rescues, coastguards, and security personnel to send an encrypted video live stream back to command and control center.

The latest generation of mobile devices have the processor power to encode and transmit live video streams using the H.265 compression standard found in the Zao app. The Zao app. also has the flexibility to support H.264 compression for all the mobile devices. The advantages of the Zao app. is the two compression modes can be easily change depending on the requirements. 

Zap is simple to use,  the red button to start or stop live streams. Features include turning on the flashlight, dimming the screen for saving power, choice of front or back camera and locking the screen to prevent unintentional changes. The App. is available for both IOS and Android devices and is compatible with Soliton's receiver platforms HD View, Cloud View and VMS Plus. 

HD View This is a software decoder that is installed on a Win 10 platform at the receiving end. Two versions are available: 1 channel and 4 channel. The receiving end can provide an HD-SDI video output, and it can be configured to provide an RTMP (IP) stream (H.264) that can be pushed to social media or other platforms supporting standard H.264 RTMP protocols.

Zao VMS Plus– This is a cloud-based software decoder that can be installed in the cloud (for example Azure) or it can be installed on a virtual computer environment within the end user’s own data center. The Zao VMS Plus is the preferred choice for law enforcement or other emergency services as it can provide an ONVIF compliant RTMP/H.265 stream with very low latency to existing VMS system.

Zao Cloud View – A hosted or “On-Prem” solution that allows up to 12 incoming Zao Android encrypted video streams, and up to 6 receiving clients to view and record live streams either in the Command Center or remotely in the field. The receiving end HD View, Single / 4 channel or can provide a mixture of different video formats for different customer requirements including HD-SDI, NDI, RTMP (Push & Pull) and ONVIF compliant RTMP.

What you need to prepare:

  • A smartphone (for iOS: iPhone 8 or higher, for Android: Samsung Galaxy S8 or higher)
  • A laptop or workstation with Windows 10 (64-bit) OS, 8 GB Ram, and i7 CPU. (RTMP requires graphics card) What else you need to know:
  • You need to open UDP 31114-31118 ports for the local IP of your receiver PC in your router.
  • You need to input the global/public IP of your receiver PC to your app. and select H.265 as the codec on the app menu.
  • If you need SDI output from HD View Single, you will need to prepare a Blackmagic Decklink series output card for the receiver PC.
  • For social media live streaming, you need to receive the video on HD View Single first and then enable RTMP to stream to social media platforms.

Our receiver software, HD View Single, has many features.
To learn more, please check out the user manual.

For more information, please don't hesitate to reach out.
It is our earnest hope that our decades of experience in live video encoding technology will contribute to the end of this pandemic.

To receive the form for our Outreach Program contact [email protected]