JVC GY HM890U , 4 camera Telecast fiber package

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JVC GY HM890U , 4 camera Telecast fiber package
Part Number: 1242
JVC GY HM890U Telecast Copperhead Fiber camera package.

JVC cameras have about 1400 power on hours. Two cameras were used as Eng and two have sleds. Items included are :

4 JVC GY HM890U 1/3 inch cameras.
2 Fujinon XT17sx4.5BRM-K3 lens
2 Fujinon HTS18x4.2BERM with 2x extenders
4 Telecast Fiber Copperhead Base stations model number Pro HD RM-FP790, Base stations have Hybrid Fiber , Optical Con , Clear Com in rack mount cabinet with SDI and fiber interconnects.
4 Telecast fiber back KA 790NG
4 JVC RM -LP25U remotes
2 JVC KA 551U
2 KA 790G JVC studio sleds
2 VF-HP790G 8.4 inch studio view finders
2 1000 ft Optical Con cables
4 200 ft Optical Con cables
4 50 ft Optical Con to Tactical cables
4 Optical couplers DUO

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