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Comstar XT Double Headset Opened item only.

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Your Price: $350.00
Comstar XT Double Headset Opened item only.
Part Number: 705
3 left only XT Douple Headset with no battery or charger, these were purchased then returned without any problems and have full warranty, special price only for the remaining three . Eartec is a leading manufacturer of industrial team communication systems, plant tour communication systems, and leisure communication systems. We offer cost effective and affordable intercoms both push to talk simplex - popular for plant tour communication, as well as simultaneous talk full duplex wireless transceivers - popular for hands-free communication. Heavy duty and lightweight headset accessories are also available. Eartec supplies cost effective and affordable traditional voice activated two-way radios, noise canceling headsets and a full line of custom wired intercoms. Eartec offers simple sound solutions all the way from plant tour communication systems to drama and television production intercoms. Our most popular wireless is the COMSTAR, a multi-station full duplex, system that allows up to twelve people to communicate hands free. Unlike voice activated radio headsets, COMSTAR affords the user an open line talking pattern without push to talk buttons or interconnecting wires. These unique duplex All-In-One headsets do not require a beltpack - instead they feature miniturized wireless circuitry and antenna built into the earcup.

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