Pre-owned / Discontinued Audio,Video Equipment list

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list of pre owned a/v gear



JVC GY HM890U Fiber system, 4 cameras , Telecast fiber system with 17x and 18x lens $70,000.00

Panasonic AG HPX 370P  with Fuji XT17x4 lens , P2 studio use only  $2500  x 4  
Panasonic AG HPX 255P low hrs, ac adapter and 2 batteries $2300 2 available 

Panasonic AJ HPX2700G with black and white view finder $3700
Sony DXC D50WS with CCU ,Canon 18x or 20x,  triax system and cables. $2200.00 per system 4 avail.
JVC GY HM 700CHU  with Fuji X 17 lens $2500
Sony PVW-X70  $1600 excellent condition 

Phantom Flex4K 128GB Color-PL Mount Camera $89,000.00

Alexa Classic Body 16:9 with Hi Speed License $9,200.00 .  Only 1100 Hours

Arri Alexa Camera Package With Hi Speed Option $9,000.00

Sony PMW-F3 Super 35mm XDCAM HD Camcorder $1,700.00 Only 400 Hours

Sony HDC-4300 (Ex-Demo) $91,000.00 a chain .HDVF-L750 HD 7-inch LCD viewfinder

SZC-4001 4K Upgrade Software CCA-5-10 Camera control cable .

 HDC4300 4K/HD camera System  SonyRCP-1500 remote control panel

Sony HDCU4300 Compact, combined Camera Control Unit and 4K / HD baseband processor unit

Sony VCT-14 Tripod adaptor

Panasonic AK-UC3000 4K Studio Camera w/LEMO CCU Connector Like New! Still Under Warranty! $118,000.00 for 4 Full chains.

Sony PDW F800 HD XDCAM Camcorder Only 967 Hours! $4,100.00

Sony PDW-U2 USB 3.0 XDCAM Disc Drive Barely Used! Like New Condition! Excellent Condition! Only 59 Hours

Cineflex Elite Aerial System W/Arri Alexa M & Red Dragon & Lenses Asking $265,000.00

Hasselblad Lenses w/Camera & Imacon lxpress 528C digital back $8500.00

Panasonic AV-HS400 8x HD/SDI Flight Pak with Custom Anvil rolling Cases

Custom Flight Pack with Panasonic Panasonic HS400 Switcher $10,950.00


Monitors / Projectors


Marshall V-R25P analog 2.5 x 10 monitor   $300.00
Wohler RM 3270W-HD  $700.00

Marshall V-R72-DP-2C  $300.00
Apple 30 inch monitors $300.00
Black Magic Dual mini monitor $350

Panasonic 8 inch  field monitor HD SDI BT-LH80WP $400 x 3

Panasonic 26 inch  HD SDI monitor BT-LH2600WP $600

Panasonic BT-LH1700WP HD SDI mon. $700

Panasonic BT-LH1700WP with stand $850






Tripods and access.


Panasonic AG EC4 $1300.00 
Miller DS 25  100 mm alum legs spreader $1200
Sony RM VJ1 remote/ monitor/ audio  recorder.  $350.00
Century Optics 2/3 adapter XF-223B  $700
Genustech Follow Focus $300
MTF Metabones  EF adapter $300
Deity Mira VF from Canon C 500  Call 
Z finder Pro VF $400  (zacuto) 

P2 cards 64GB G series $300 x 8

P2 32 GB cards R series $150. X7

P2 16GB cards R series $100 x2



Switchers and Routers


Evertz CP 3201E  $300 
AJA Ki Pro Skeleton $100
Kramer VS-4216 matrix  $300
Kramer  VS-81H HDMI switch  $400.00
Kramer VS-41H  4 input HDMI switch $250.00
Evertz Magnum HM call 
Xenon HD SDI router  XE8 128 x 128  with CP 3201E x 2  CP 3208E x1   $14000
lots of 48 port ethernet switches $150.00 apiece
Ross Open source  DRA-8604 x 4,  3 G rechecking amp. call 
Ross Open Source  ADA-8405C x3  and SEA-8803 x2   Analog DA  and HD  dist amp
Ross Open Source  VEA-8707A. x 10  mixed audio video da   call 
Avid Nitris DX interface box $300.00 apiece

Q logic San 5600 $100.00
Grass Valley Performer VAA $250.00

Roland V-1SDI 4 input HD SDI switcher like new $1100

Panasonic AV-HS400 8x HD/SDI Flight Pak with Custom Anvil rolling Cases

Custom Flight Pack with Panasonic Panasonic HS400 Switcher $10,950.00

2-Evertz E Net Remote Pnl 32x32 Xy (CP-2402E)

1-16x16 HD/SD Bypass Routers + 3ru Rear Plate (7700R 16X16 -HD+3RU)

Evertz Master Sync 1.4 Pulse Gen rat + HD/SDI Test Gen +Ps Option(5600MSC+HTG+2PS)

Evertz VIP16 HD/SDI Inputs Duo + 3ru Rear (7867VIPA16-DUO-HS+3RU)

Quiet Multi-frame + 360w Power Supply (7800FR-QT+78PQT)

2ps Quiet Front Fan Retro Kit (7800FR-QT-KIT2)


Evertz 3ru Multi-frame (7800FR+8PS)

11-Hd/Sdi Relocking Da7 Outpt + 3ru Rear Plate (770DA7-HD+3RU)


4-7 Output Analog Vid Dist. Amp + 3ru Rear Plate (7700ADA7+3R

3RU 16X16 BNC Panel w/custom wiring





Arri 650w lightkit 3  fresnel lights $800.00  x 2
Arri 1000w $400
Lowell Softlight 2 $300
NRG 3 light kit $400 with umbrellas, tripods, extra bulbs 650Watt 





Fujinon XT17x4.5BRM-K14 $1500
Fujinon XA16x8A-XB4 $1400
Canon J9AX5.2B4 WRS SX12 $1800

Set of 11 Zeiss Ultra Primes 16,20,24,28,32,40,50,65,85,100 & 135 These are LDS Imperial $112,000.00 for the set.

Arri Alura 18-80mm $21,000.00

Angineux Optimo 24-290mm $45,000.00

Canon CN-E 14.5-60mm T2.6 L SP Cinema Zoom Lens with PL Mount $11,900.00

Canon HJ22ex7.6B-IRSE 2/3" 2/3" HDTV ENG Lens $6,300.00

Canon HJ21ex7.5IRSE 2/3" HDTV ENG Lens $5,600.00

Canon HJ21ex7.5IASE 2/3" HDTV ENG Lens $6,200.00

Canon HJ17ex7.7B-IRSE 2/3" HDTV ENG Lens $4,500.00

Canon HJ14ex4.3B-IRSE 2/3" HDTV ENG Wide Angle Lens $8,600.00

Canon HJ11ex4.7B IRSE 2/3" HDTV ENG Wide Angle Lens $4000.00






Evertz CP 3201E  $300 
Clear Com  TW 12B interface  $200
Clear Com PIC 4000B IFB Controller $350.00
Clear Com Eclipse Delta CCI 22. x3  power x2  ACT/VOX x2  with 2 expansion panels $22000.00
Clear Com panel  HB-702  x 2. $300
Clear Com KB702GM  V-box spkr systems with internal mic. no gooseneck  $450 apiece
RC 602 x4 wired box for headsets and 4 760 headsets  with 4 pin   $500 for complete sys. 
RC 602 x3 with RC 760 x3  headsets with master station $800.00
Intercom system RC-760  (offer)
Shure SM 2 broadcast headsets  $90.00  x 2



Decks and Recorders



Panasonic  P2 reader AJ- PCD $150.00

Panasonic AJ HPM200 Portable rec/ player P2 $2500

Panasonic AJ HPM110 rec/ player P2 $2000

Panasonic AG HPG10P Portable P2 rec/player P2 $2000

Panasonic AJ PCD 35 Portable P2 deck $400





Sure VP64AL Omnidirectional Polar Pattern
Longer Handle for Broadcast & Interviews $65.00 
TEV TM 326 Dynamic $35 . Qty 2
Shure SM 63 Omni Dynamic white $80 Qty 2
AKG D230 $120
Shure BG4.1 Condensor $75.00
DAK ECM 2001 Electic Conderser $30
Calrad Super Cardiod Shotgun 10-10 $40




ESE Clock LCD $400.00 
ESE ES-161UP  $225.00
Reels of Triax terminated over 1000 ft.  x 2  $1500
Reel of Fiber call 
Reels over 1000 ft. Component  $500
DNF ST300 VTR controller  $200
Furman Power cond. PL PS  $250.00
Avid Nitris DX interface box $350.00
Phase 3 RS-41SDI router boxes  4 available  $300.00 
Aja IO Express XT  $850.00
Aja I/o Express  3 available $200.00

Anton Bauer battery plate belt with 4 pin conn. $300


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