Soliton Zao H.265 mobile encoder system

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Soliton Zao H.265 mobile encoder system
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Soliton Zao H.265 mobile encoder system for broadcasting. 

Smart-telecaster ZAO, Broadcasting,  law enforcement, and public safety.  

Reliable live streaming can be challenging in remote locations or congested areas such as stadiums or crowded areas such as public events and festivals that need good quality and low delay video streaming. A camera may need to live stream from a body-cam, car, motorcycle, drone or helicopter and the fluctuating availability of the 3G or 4G cellular network makes it hard with traditional systems to maintain the HD quality of live streaming content from temporary or mobile video surveillance cameras.  Want to know how you could solve these challenges?

Simply attaches to the HDMI output or HD-SDI output of the camera. 

Uses H.265 /HEVC that is 50% more efficient than traditional H.264 or MPEG– 4 encoding. Provides higher real reliability lower latency and improved video quality.

Uses up to six SIM cards from different providers, using the cellular bonded method in real time. 

Remote web management

Uses internal RASCOW logarithm to optimize video stream based on both the 3G/4G availability and latency required.

Can live stream in the most challenging of 3G 4G/LT availability. As low as 250 kB/seconds. On the higher signal end over 10 Mbps.

Encryption to AES 256 Standards ensuring live streaming in full secured transmissions.

The receiver requires HD view software– CloudView, Cloud CVS or cloud VMS plus.

Other functionalities, Besides 3/4G and LTE, the system can also use Wifi, Ethernet or satellite ( BGAN, K.SAT )

Comes with V mount plates for use with external (camera) batteries.

Smart-telecaster Zao maintains HD quality in low 3G or 4G bandwidth environments
Smart-telecaster Zao, the world’s first mobile H.265 HEVC hardware encoder that can be attached to any action camera with HDMI or SDI. Thanks to the compression capabilities of H.265, coupled with our RASCOW technology high-quality mobile HD live streaming is possible,  even in low 3G or 4G bandwidth environments. A first class product for encoding on the move for streaming live content.

Smart-telecaster ZAO: Minimal latency while covering live events
When streaming live events, a one second delay is very noticeable especially if public safety is at risk – Zao can provide minimal latency typically half a second but as low as 240ms. law Enforcement officers, Customs and emergency services personnel are no longer getting frustrated with reliability, delay and image quality. You also will save money without the need for satellite or RF services.                                                                                                       



Real-time mobile HD video transmission direct from the camera  – Smart-telecaster ZAO is a portable video H265 HEVC encoder that compresses video in real-time enabling full HD live video streaming to anywhere in the world, while on the move.

Supports H.265 video compression standard – Smart-telecaster ZAO is equipped with the H.265 video compression standard. H.265 technology improves encoding and compression by approximately 50% compared to H.264 compression. As a result HD picture quality can be maintained even when the mobile phone signal strength becomes low and with very low latency (0.5 seconds).

RASCOW technology – Smart-telecaster ZAO connects up to 6 SIM cards via external dongles that can be bonded together to form a single connection via 3G, 4G or WiFi. RASCOW technology monitors the changing mobile signal strength in real time and adapts the most optimum bonded combination of the 3G, 4G and WiFi connections. As a result, the quickest and most reliable delivery across the internet is given to the decoding platform. This continues to give reliable video contribution even when signal strengths becomes low or fluctuates rapidly.

Easy to carry – Smart-telecaster ZAO is a portable video encoder. The specially designed bag that comes with the product is easy to carry and operate.

Power saving – Smart-telecaster ZAO contains two batteries that last up to 3,5 hours each. The total battery capacity is 7 hours.

Advanced connectivity – Smart-telecaster ZAO supports a variety of mobile networks such as 3G, 4G, and WiFi. Ethernet and Inmarsat BGAN networks are also supported.

Multi-Link technology – With multi-link technology in Smart- telecaster ZAO you can use up to 6 mobile data cards simultaneously. This strongly improves the quality of broadcasting under weak signal conditions.

Receives multiple video streams – Our Smart-telecaster ZAO viewing software can receive up to 4 video streams from 4 different camera units at the same time.

Supports 1080i standard for full HD TV – Smart-telecaster ZAO supports the
HD-SDI/HDMI (1080i) video standard for full HD TV achieving unprecedented high-quality digital video.

Secure communications – To guarantee secure communications Smart-telecaster supports
authentication and encryption(AES 256bit).

Live with your Smartphone – STC for ML CAM is now available in the App store
for mobile video transmission just using your iPhone.