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    Soliton IOS or Android cell phone App. for HD View 4 channel or single HD View. STC-ZAOVA-L Iphone needs to be 8 or higher, Android OS 6 or higher. With the goal of supporting our communities during the national emergency Soliton Systems is offering our H.265 live video streaming app Zao App and viewing software HD View single, free of charge for 30 days through Midwest Digital Corp. for broadcasting , public safety and other organizations. Application. Ends 5/31 2020. Transmit live video using 3/4/5G LTE or Wi-Fi networks. Live stream and full HD at 2 Mb per second with H.265 encoding. Livestream point to point with minimum delay. Communicate via two way audio. Transmit securely with a AES 256 bit encryption and authentication Live stream with error correction, packet sort and automatic streaming controls with RASCOW technology. Choose between RTMP, RTSP, and NDI output options from receiver software besides SDI. What do you need to prepare. Smart phone iOS iPhone 8 or higher for android Samsung galaxy S8 or higher. A laptop or workstation with windows 10 64 bit OS 8 GB of RAM and I7 CPU. You need to open UDP31114 through 31118 ports for the local IP of your receiver PC in your router. You need to input the global/public IP of your receiver PC to your app and select H.265 as the codec on the app. menu. If you need SDI output from HD View single you will need to prepare a Black Magic Decklink series output card for the receiver PC. For social media live streaming you need to receive the video on HD view single first and then enable RTMP to stream to social media platforms.

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